Video Optimization SEO – How To Rank Videos In Google and YouTube

how to rank videos in google and youtube

Do you use online video to market your business?

Before starting with the details on how to Video  SEO optimize your YouTube  channel  let’s start by summarizing WHY YouTube is GREAT for marketing a business. Any business, even yours!

Sometimes business owners are confused when is about using or not YouTube to market their business. If you are not, yet, on YouTube – promoting your business – spend a few moments considering the following:

  • Youtube is a FREE platform – you can host as many videos as you want, create your own channel and playlists for free.
  • It’s so unbelievable easy to create and upload a video. Literarily, you can do straight from your cell phone. Record a 1-2 minutes video, relevant to your business, brand or personality and chose the upload to YouTube option on your cell phone. Your new-brand video will be visible on YouTube in a few moments. And again, for free. Of course if you want more elaborate videos, hiring an agency is always an option.
  • Right now, online video is the fastest and easiest way to get on the first page of Google. I’ve had several videos uploaded to YouTube who made it to Google’s first page, for relevant keywords, in LESS THAN 24 hours and STAYED ranked. It’s really that fast!

Now, consider this: 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE ! ( more YouTube statistics here )

How to make sure YOUR VIDEOS are being discovered, watched and shared?

This is why video optimization SEO is so important.

There are a few optimization steps you can take to empower your video and gain top rankings in Google and YouTube.

1. KEYWORDS – this is essential in being discovered on YouTube. You need to find keywords that people are looking for and then shoot a video around that topic.  Useless to put your effort in creating a video a video about something that nobody’s looking for. To find the right keywords, use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool

2. TITLE – make the video title SEO-friendly. Place the keyword in the first part of your title (closer to the beginning).

3. DESCRIPTION – make the video description at least 200-300 characters. The title, description and the tags are telling YouTube and Google what this video is all about. To make-it SEO friendly and relevant, include the same keywords. Mention your address, city location and phone number in the description text .The description should include a summary of the video along with a link to your business website or a resource, where viewers can receive more information.

4. TAGS– use your main keywords as tags. Don’t include too many tags, it won’t help in rankings. Include your business category name and your location names as tags on the video.
5. CHANNEL and PLAYLISTS– build your channel and playlists with SEO in mind. Pick a relevant search term as your channel name. Organize your videos into playlists. Create keyword-rich playlists A keyword-rich playlist gives YouTube deeper information about your video’s topic.
6. GEOTAG your video- optimize your video for Local SEO. Geotagging your video means you associate it with the geographical coordinates of your business location. To do this, go into the Advanced settings for the video within the Video Manager.


video optimization SEO

7. TRANSCRIPTS and CAPTIONS are another way to get a SEO uplift. After being uploaded to YouTube, captions get indexed by Google and YouTube, boosting your search rankings with both search engines.

8. PROMOTE your video-start by sharing your video on your own social sites. Use communities like Quora and LinkedIn to get more views.

9.  OK, this is not SEO but HAVE FUN while you’re doing it.

Is this even possible? Yes! Video SEO optimization can be easy and fun and very rewarding when done right. Learn more about it the video below.

Thank you in advance for watching and sharing.

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