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Set-up Your Pinterest Account

[Checklist] Pinterest For Business: How To Get Started

Need help with setting up a Pinterest account for your business, the right way? Here is a 75 point checklist from power influencer and social media strategist Anna Bennett of White ...
pinterest for small business

30 Reasons Why Pinterest Is Good For Small Business

With over 70 millions Pinterest is becoming more and more a great tool for small business owners to market their services and products, to attract clients and land sales. Even if your ...
how to pin facebook to pinterest

How To Pin Facebook To Pinterest And Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Have you ever tried to pin a Facebook post to Pinterest? I like the little tricks that help me gain more visibility and traffic for my business in just a couple of minutes per day. ...
How To Add “Pin It” Button To Your Toolbar In Less Than A Minute

How To Add “Pin It” Button To Your Toolbar In Less Than A Minute

Pinterest is fun, visual, and made it easy for all of us to create boards and market our businesses on the Pinterest platform. I find that the easiest way to add images to my boards, ...

What Is Pinterest And How Can It Help My Local Business?

Online and digital marketing is a diverse and innovative way to advertise. Its inexpensive setup costs make it the ideal solution for small and local businesses who want to compete ...

“5 Tips for Using Pinterest to Promote Your Business” by Ali Brown

Like most adolescent girls, I spent many hours in my room pinning pics  to my wall of my favorite clothes, sayings, and even pre-teen heartthrobs (John Stamos was my fav!). Images ...
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