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How To Generate Leads For Your Home Based Business | SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

How To Generate Leads For Your Home Based Business – 3 Simple Ways

how to get more leads using social mediaOne of the most common questions a home business owner asks is : How can I generate leads for my home based business?

So, let’s summarize :
-You have a great business opportunity right in front of you but money is tight and you’re new to doing business;
-You know what services you can provide and how much you want to charge;
-You even have some strategies on how to deal with a client;

What you don’t have yet is a system on HOW TO GET a client.

Does it ring a bell?

Here are 3 simple ways to generate more leads for your home based business:

1) A good place to start looking for clients or to network is your local chamber of commerce. A chamber is typically a great place to network with people in complementary businesses who can refer people to you and vice versa.

Let’s say you’re a business consultant. Which other services work with your ideal client without being your competition? Here are a few ideas: accountants, security services, office building rental services, office supplier businesses…you get the idea.

2) Join local business groups networking events. Although I work from home and most of my work happens on the internet, I enjoy meeting and socializing with like-minded people. By now I’ve learned that the business cards I exchange at different events lead to phone calls from people wanting to become my clients.

Ahhh…and before you even think that you don’t have enough money to spend on business cards, here is a free online program I use to make mine : Free business cards program

3) One of my favorite ways to generate leads for my business is through social media. It is extremely easy once to know how to do it right. If you’re in a business where you need to generate more leads or you’re only flirting with the idea of starting a business , here is a free video training to help you learn how to generate 400-500 leads per month like clockwork using a simple free strategy!

Question: What is your favorite way to generate leads for your home based business? Please share with us in the comments below.

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