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How To Improve Your Inner Game for Business | SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

How To Improve Your Inner Game for Business

3 things you can do today to improve your inner game for business Business success is directly tied into understanding that your main obstacle, the thing that stands between you and success, is really your mind and learning how to improve your inner game for business . This is true for me. It is an obstacle that I face even today, and have also battled throughout the years. 

A lack of qualities, specifically in regard to business, is what keeps most people from finding success online or off-line. Training your mind to think in a successful manner, developing these habits, is what will lead you to success in your life and business. Progressing toward success, you will see your inadequacies. It will then be your choice to fix them, or fold. Habits like this are things that everyone can develop. You need to know that you can do this.

Let’s look at 3 things you can do today to improve your inner game for business

1     It might be difficult to admit that you have a (or more) weakness but it is important, eventually, to actually take a look there. One of the hardest tasks for everybody is to face our negatives or our weaknesses. Before you can succeed in business you need to understand your personal weaknesses. However, what you want to do is concentrate on your strengths. Work on limitations when you can but make sure that most of your work is done in your strengths. Make a list and write them all down, and then make a conscious effort to make your strengths even stronger. This will help you go farther and get closer to success than trying to spend all of your time fixing yourself.

2   If you find yourself unable to solve a specific problem in your business, approach it in a new way. It’s normal to be reduced to thinking about only a few possible solutions. Each person has just their own perspective but you know that there are lots of ways to look at things. This is when you need to employ leverage by calling in others in your business for some brainstorming. Your ego might make you hesitant to do this but this is a major disadvantage. Set up a meeting with the best minds you’ve got, explain the situation and ask them for whatever might come to mind. You’ll find that, often, the solution is right there.

3   Your business is something that you should never take for granted. Every aspect of it, including employees, are very important. Instead of fixing a problem in the early stages, many companies will ignore problems until something very bad occurs. All of us use computers in some way to run our business. This is a good example of what we are discussing. If you service your equipment regularly, the usual problems will arise. Most companies will consider this a discretionary expense, and therefore will not do it regularly. That’s fine until something critical goes down and production stops. So to avoid unexpected problems that may arise, every piece of critical equipment needs to be maintained regularly.

       John Assaraf is a gifted teacher of business mastery, and the founder of One Coach, a company dedicated to helping small business owners achieve extraordinary results in their businesses and in their lives.

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