How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Ads


how to grow your email list using facebook

Do you use Facebook advertising for your business? Building an email list using Facebook it’s easier than ever.

I created over 100 Facebook campaigns in the last year (with each campaign at least 2 ad sets and each ad set at least 4 ads). I tried different niches, different countries, split tested, gain lots of experience and in the end I came up with a system  on how to effectively grow my email list using Facebook ads, for various niches and  without going broke.

Here are some of my results:

Targeting US:

rezultate us passionate niche strong call to action



Targeting France, UK and Ireland:


rezultate uk passionate niche strong call to action

 Targeting Romania:


facebook advertising results romania



 Below are the exact steps I follow to get these types of results.

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you follow the overall process you should be in a great spot to get tons of leads and to make a bunch of sales.


1. Create An Offer

Ask your clients “What is the number one problem they’re trying to solve?”
The offer you create is going to be THE solution to THAT problem and you are going to give them this solution for FREE on your website. You can deliver this solution in a PDF format (report, cheat sheet, e-book), audio or video, it’s up to you.
What if you don’t have any clients yet?
Well, you can always rely on Google to “tell” you what people are looking for. Quite easy, right?

how to grow your email list using facebool

  1. If you want to start using Facebook ads but do not have a product to sell, I recommend you check these two sites: JVZoo and More Niche (for high commissions and fast cash).

2. Create The Landing Page On Your Website Where Your Potential Customers Will Sign Up

Your goal is to capture your audience’s email. I like using Lead Pages, they have a variety of high converting templates that you can actually set up a landing page and have it installed in your site in just a few minutes.

landing page example


3. Create A Post On your Facebook Page With A Link To Direct People To This Landing Page
Have an irresistible headline, an image that stands out and captures attention and also an option to opt in to get your FREE offer.
To create my images I use Canva, Pagemodo (free tools) or Power Point, occasionally Fiverr (paid options).
Use Facebook’s Grid Tool here to make sure you have less than 20% of text in your image .


facebook ad list building
4. Turn That Post Into A Facebook Ad
For this step, I like to use Facebook’s Power Editor. It is a bit more complicated that Ads Manager but the targeting options are so much better.
Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor/
(Remember that Power Editor works only on Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome on your computer, you can download it here. Go to http://www.google.com/chrome/)
Create a campaign with “Website Conversions” or “Click To Website” objective (you’ll have to run a couple of tests to see which one works better for you.)

website conversions campaign


5 Set Your Budget
I always start with a $5/ ad set/day (max $10) until I get the ad right and then I scale it. You can test your ads even with smaller dollar amounts/day.


budget facebook ad

6. Find Your Target Audience On Facebook

Now, in my opinion, this is the most important step. Spend as much time as you need here doing research.
There are a couple of things you can do to find where your target audience is on Facebook.
You can use Facebook Graph search function to find the pages that your audience members like and engage with.
Type in the search box “Pages liked by [your business name or competitor here] fans” – or – “Pages liked by people who like [your biz name here or competitor business name here] – or- “Favorite interests of people who like…”

graphic search tool

Target those pages as Interests.


To find out even more about my target market I like to go to Alexa and similarweb.com and check their reports on similar sites. You’ll be amazed about how much you can learn about your audience from these free reports.



audience targeting facebook ads power editor



Once you have a mail list or a customer list, I strongly suggest you create a lookalike audience based on any of these lists and use it (in the custom audience tab). You’ll be so happy you did!
Use the “More Demographics” and Behavior drop-down options to define even more accurate your audience.

demographics targeting facebook ads

When you choose interests stay away from the broad interests suggested by default. Think like this: most everybody may like Footwear (general interest) but most passionate people like Rebook, for example or Footwear News Magazine- WWD.com

7. Choose Where Your Ad Is Being Shown On Facebook
What I usually do is: I start running my ads on Mobile News Feed and Desktop News Feed. Once I know the ad has the potential to perform well, I duplicate the ad and create one ad for the Mobile News Feed and one for the Desktop News Feed.

ad placement Facebook advertising


8. Pricing

My advice here is to let Facebook optimize your ads.

After running more than 200 winning Facebook ads, I can totally say that Facebook is doing a great job when optimizing for an objective. Just remember: your campaign was set up per objective so choose to optimize your ads for the same objective. I got the best results in this type of setting.

pricing facebook ads


9. Use Pixels To Track Conversions From Facebook Ads
Use Pixels to track conversions that happen on your website as a result of your Facebook Adverts. 


create pixel


You can create a conversion-tracking pixel and add it to the pages of your website where conversions happen (for example, checkouts or leads).


optimization pixel



10. Optimize Your Facebook Ads For Best Performance
This step is, by far, my most favorite step.
To optimize your ads go to the Ad Manager and click the View Report Tab.

report ads mananger

In the next window click the Edit Columns tab.
ffacebook ads optimization


And voila!facebook ads optimization

Use this info to optimize your ads by age, gender, placement, country, different actions, etc.

11. Retargeting- Selling 

Did you know you can import your email list into Facebook and promote to just those people with paid Facebook targeting?  It’s a way to engage on multiple platforms and turn leads into sales. People rarely buy from you the first time they visit your site or see an offer. Use the Custom Audiences to show your Facebook ads to people who have already visited your website or to your email subscribers, for example, to close sales.

You can create these audiences in both Power Editor and Ads Manager.


custom audience ads managercustom audience power editor


 If you do not have an email list or enough people an your list and therefore you cannot  create a custom audience yet, try the Fb Retargeter  tool created by my friend  Robert Mercado. I have been using this tool for a few months now and the results are  amazing.  Click here to check it out.


Wanna accelerate this process? This is your  chance to get my new course: “How To Use Facebook  For Business & Make Sales”for just $10  (79%OFF).

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