Five Ways to be More Authentic in Your Marketing – by Fabienne Fredrickson

Today, I want to talk to you about being more authentic in your marketing. One of the things that really changed my business many years ago is when I started taking down the walls and allowing myself to be more authentic, more real, more genuine, not just in my own life, but in my business. It worked in all areas of my life. That’s how I got together with my husband (not to over-share or anything), but I just took down the walls and I started letting people in, in my personal life. It was amazing what happened.

I started thinking, “What would happen if I did the same thing in my business?” Today, the number one thing that people say to me, especially if they come to one of my live events or join me on a livestream, is “Fabienne, you are the real deal. You are so authentic. You’re so relatable. You’re so vulnerable. This is why I trust you. This is why I feel like I want to work with you. This is why I hired you.” There’s nothing better than hearing that because people who have just met you just days before feel that they trust you.

Here are the five ways that I have become more authentic in my marketing for my business and how you can be the same in yours because it does result in more clients, more money and it helps you multiply your business.

1. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your business. I don’t know if you were in corporate, but I was for eight years and everything had to be so polished and perfect. You weren’t allowed to make mistakes. In fact, it was all about covering your tush and pointing the finger at other people. Maybe you experienced that like I did.

What I have found is that the more vulnerable I am in my business, letting people in, the more clients I get. This happened the minute that I started being more vulnerable and weaving in some of my experiences in my business. People started coming out of the woodwork.

I have said this before in these videos and I will say it again, “People like a little bit of grit. They don’t like all the slick.” Now, you cannot be a basket case. You cannot air all your dirty laundry. You’ve got to stay somewhat professional and polished, but let it be okay for you to be a little bit vulnerable.

For my next four ways, watch this week’s video. I’ll also give you your assignment, which will help you become more authentic in your marketing and in your business. Enjoy!

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