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Although we’d all like to rank first and be at the top of Google within hours, using a low risk link building strategy is crucial in online marketing. The landscape of SEO and link building is always changing and knowing how to build links the safe way may determine your success online.  If you’re concerned about your link building strategy, you’d be happy to know where to find safe places to build links for SEO.

If you’re link building for your main business website or the website where you earn your main income from. Then unfortunately, unless you’re one of life’s gamblers, the only option is a low risk link building strategy. What that means is you need to be far more cautious about what you’re doing and try and avoid any undue risks which may catch the attention of Google. Although we’d all like to rank first and be at the top of Google within hours, days or even weeks of starting out chasing all of the high search volume keywords within our niche. Those days of overnight rankings have long gone for high competition keywords, especially if you plan to be found in Google in the long term. The fact remains that the high risks that people are often willing to take to get faster rankings are often not as worthwhile as the perceived reward/value they will gain from this strategy.(Source)

‘As long as your link is built to be relevant and valuable to the audience seeing it, posting your link on any of these sources should allow you to remain safe from any penalties. As you continue to build links, be sure to diversify your sources and diversify the types of links you build — your links should appear natural in each context, and the more diversified your efforts are, the better’.(Source)

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