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4 Characteristics of a Charismatic Leader | SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

4 Characteristics of a Charismatic Leader

4 characteristics of a charismatic leaderAny person wanting to be a leader will need to have various skills, talents, and attributes. Different leaders all have different characteristics and a common thread among all great leaders would be their built in charisma. Unless a leader possesses a considerable amount of charisma, he or she will find it incredibly hard to lead effectively. It’s not really easy to overlook the characteristics of a charismatic leader. Consider this a great thing because once you recognize the signs of a good leader, you will be well on your way towards modeling those same traits.

What are the characteristics of a charismatic leader?

1) You’d notice a charismatic leader by his or her appearance. Does the individual seem like he or she is a leader? If no, he or she isn’t actually the right individual to follow. The proper appearance of a charismatic leader would be an individual who is well dressed, well groomed, and presents an appearance of being healthy. This does not mean you should put on the priciest clothes or you require the fittest body. This means you need to look the part — that you look your best and that people view you as a leader just by looking at how you present yourself.

2) Another classic attribute of a charismatic leader would be the ability to speak effectively. Be aware that charisma is about drawing people in. If you are able to speak clearly, concisely, and articulately, you can bring people in. It is a must for leaders to have exceptional speaking abilities. You have to be able to express your directives to your followers in a way that they can comprehend. This makes it possible for other people to follow your lead effectively. Nevertheless, one important thing has to be mentioned. Giving directives isn’t about shouting instructions or making demands. That’s about as uncharismatic of a method a leader might take.

3) Speaking skills go together with listening skills and if there was any characteristic that can be regarded as an attractive one in the eyes of others, it would be attentive listening. Many people become very self-absorbed that they tend to dominate talks and fail to listen to others. Others fail to get the chance to share their opinions. Charismatic leaders are mindful listeners, giving other individuals the opportunity to speak out. This shows others that they care and people tend to trust these leaders. If you have faith in a leader, you are more prepared to follow his or her directives. And no, you cannot fake your way through this. Either you cultivate great listening skills or you don’t. People can feel when somebody is genuinely listening to them and when somebody is merely faking it.

4) One thing you can say about charismatic leaders is that they are almost without exception positive people. Their conduct and words mirror their positive perspective, and they are constantly prepared to explain the benefits of their actions. Being optimistic has a motivational component to it and when you can encourage and motivate people, you exhibit charismatic leadership characteristics.

That’s it — the attributes that comprise a charismatic leader. There really isn’t any secret or magic formula to be one. These attributes are simply rooted in human interactions. Keep these attributes in mind and attempt to apply them in your everyday life. It won’t be long before you turn into a charismatic leader yourself.

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