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5 Steps to Take Control of Your Life | SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Life Now According to Tony Robbins

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Life Now According to Tony Robbins“Activity without purpose is the drain to your life, to your lifestyle, to your wealth.” Tony Robbins

Do you ever wonder how to take control of your life? You’re in the right place!
In this awesome video, Tony Robbins teaches us how to take control of our lives now using the rapid planning method.
There are 5 steps to take. Here they are:

STEP1 Capture your ideas in one location ( notebook, iPhone, email)

STEP2 Create a RPM Plan (MAP= Massive Action Plan)

What is RPM? It is
-a focusing tool, it makes you focus in what’s important
-a system of thinking
-the power of language
Results focused, purpose driven, massive action plan = RPM

Your language shapes your emotion, when you change a few words of your outcome you totally change where you end up when “you go after what you want in your life”.

So , to create a plan there are 3 questions and there are 3 actions.

1. WHAT’S MY OUTCOME (what do I really want-RESULTS)
2. WHAT’S MY PURPOSE (why do I want it? PURPOSE)
3. WHAT’S MY MASSIVE ACTION PLAN (WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?) Cause what to do depends on what your OUTCOME is, OTHERWISE, what you do is going to be based on stress, concern, fear, people interrupting you, demands. Your life is nothing but a reaction tool.

You take those actions and you put them in the order of importance. Remember and follow the 20/80 rule. Choose the 20% that are going to give you 80% of the results, or how Tony calls them the “Must” items.

1. Start with the ones that are a Must.
2. Establish the real time.(Minimum/maximum time).
3. Leverage -this is critical!( and is NOT delegation).

For this plan to be alive , you need to:

STEP 3 Commit and schedule
Start with “the big rocks”, schedule the rest of the stuff.

STEP 4 Complete and achieve
Complete by achieving what matter the most.

STEP 5 Celebrate ( to give you the energy to go for more!)
Grace gets magnified the more you appreciate it, the more you notice that you’re guided.
LIFE doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you. Is your job to figure out HOW it happens for you. If you’re not noticing, you won’t experience it.

Enjoy! :-)

STEPS 1 & 2

STEPS 3, 4 & 5

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