5 Steps For Small Businesses To Master Facebook

In this video interview, Facebook marketing expert Marty Weintraub talks about the main things any small business owner must do on Facebook to grow an audience and a relationship with their customers.

As always, we go back to learning WHO the ideal customers are and WHERE these ideal customers can be found on Facebook.  In other words who is out there, on this platform, talking about your company and how to build a relationship with them?

The coolest place to go to find this information is Facebook ads.  Follow the instructions on the video to learn how to get there and what to do next.


There are basically 5 things any business must absolutely do on Facebook :

1) Go to the paid tool on Facebook and check if there are people interested in your products or services and if yes, how many?

2) If you find out that there are people interested in your company you better follow that information. Search for pages and groups and find out where these people are congregating on Facebook (detailed instructions in the video). 

3) Act on that data. If you find out that people are talking about your company in different places on Facebook, decide to do something with that data. For instance, if you find out that people are saying positive things about your company, you can jump into those conversations threats. Another way to jump into these conversations is to use Facebook ads.  This is a pay-per-click model and is going to cost you some money to target these conversations.

4) Find customers who are interested in your products or services or customers who are interested in the category of products you sell.

5) Work to get “Likes” on Facebook . Give people a reason to like you on Facebook, create something of value that you give in exchange for that “Like.”


Question: What are your methods to get more “Likes” on Facebook ? Share with us in the comments below.

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