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List/Grid Monthly Archives: March 2015

social media tips

10 Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media can be extremely effective for any business, when done right. If you don’t follow the unwritten rules, it can be just a waste of time and sometimes even money. When ...
business is slow

3 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

  My business is slow, what can I do? How can I jump-start my sales and get my business moving? This is is a very important question and something that many business owners struggle ...
twitter hashtags

[Infographic] How To Use Hashtags On Twitter For Business

In the social media age, the #hashtag is one of the most important and simplest social media strategy any business owner can use to promote her/his business. The question that arises ...
Set-up Your Pinterest Account

[Checklist] Pinterest For Business: How To Get Started

Need help with setting up a Pinterest account for your business, the right way? Here is a 75 point checklist from power influencer and social media strategist Anna Bennett of White ...

Content Marketing Rules: How To Optimize Your Content In 2015

Creating engaging content is a big challenge for many business owners. There are so many rules to follow to get high rankings in Google and to convert visitors to subscribers and then ...
iPhone User? Here Is What Your iPhone Headphones Can Do For You!

iPhone User? Here Is What Your iPhone Headphones Can Do For You!

In today’s world of multitasking and short-cutting everything, in an attempt to save time, knowing how to multitask your iPhone may become extremely handy. And, it may save you ...
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