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10 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic] - SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR | SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

10 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic]

10 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page EngagementIf you have a Facebook fan page and you’re trying to build an engaged community, here are 10 ways to boost your Facebook page engagement.

1)Show your personality –people connect with people. Do you have hobbies? Likes or dislikes? Remember : People buy from people they like and trust and people use Facebook to connect and find information.

2) Ask questions : people like to be heard and :”seen”. Our brains work like this : once we hear a question we automatically answer, even if this happen only in our minds. Questions are a great way to boost engagement on a Facebook page. Question posts get 100% more comments ( Kissmetrics)

3)Use images: photos get 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs. Click  here for more statistics.

4) Provide an inside look at your company : try to put faces to your business.

5) Stay specific: Some statistics say that the optimal number of posts in a day is 3-5 , by others posting 1- 2 times a day gets 40% more engagement than posting 3-4 times a day while 1-4 times weekly posts bring 71% more engagement than posting 5 or more times a day. My advice to you : try it, run some tests and see what works best for you. Contrary  what you may think, less posting brings greater engagement.

6) Use your fans’ content: people love to see their content and their friends’ content shared by brands. Use your fans’ content instead of your own to give your post a viral push through specific communities that are close to the content creator.

7) Keep posts simple: Smaller messages show a significant increase in response levels.
For more details please see here.

8) Be persistent: You need to consistently give your fans a reason to come back to your page so update your page regularly with interesting information.

9)Love your followers: little things like keeping your Facebook wall open so your fans can post as well or  answering all the questions and also using words like  “thank you” and first names in status updates & comments, help a lot in building a better relationships with  your fans.

10) Have fun: use humor to appeal to your audience emotionally and to create interaction. This way you differentiate your  company from the millions of other companies out there bombarding their social channels with nothing but self-promotion.

 Infographic designed by Digital Information World/ via  NerdGraph Infographics

Let me know in the comments - How have you increased your Facebook page likes, reach, comments and shares? And your tips for engagement?


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